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Both parents have equal responsibility in raising a child

Raising a child is a major responsibility of parents. Both should have to pay individually their role in this responsibility. Both parents pay very important role to raise their child or children. Father can give his child the touch of braveness and teach him to defend himself against anyone who could hurt him or try to injure him. For playing out comparable situations in the house with his child would apparently raise the child’s mechanism of consider any trouble he could be involved in the future and enhance his self confidence and sense of responsibility. Father always give affection to his child and full fill all the requirement of his child.

Mother can give her son or daughter a sense of tenderness to keep the children lean when they deal with people. If child has done some thing wrong in home then mother teaches her child the good manners. A mother can develop a habit for her child to take bath early in the morning and before sleep as well.  Mother teaches her child that how to remain neat and clean through out the day. Mother also teaches her child that keep every thing on place. Mother always take care of her child diet and meals.

Self Medication

Self medication is a human action in which a particular uses un-prescribed drugs to treat often undiagnosed medical illness. Different medicines have different effectiveness. Different medicines and drugs are used for the treatment of different diseases. Self medication is very common in many countries especially in 3rd world countries. Self medication with antibiotics medicine is very common in some countries. The most commonly use medicine and drugs for self medication are anti-allergic medicine, multivitamins, antibiotics, cough syrups, antipyretics and pain killer drugs & medicines. In many countries some of these drugs and medicines are always present in homes.

Benefits of Proper Sleeping

Proper Sleeping in very important for every body. Sleep make us feel better and there are many benefits of proper sleeping. Doctors & Analyst do know the health benefits of proper sleeping. Adequate & comfortable is a key part of a healthy life style but a little less sleep can effect our ability to think properly, respong quickly and give good performance in job or in any task. 

Here is some Benefits of Proper Sleeping.

  • Sleep reduces stress.
  • Sleep boost your memory.
  • Sleep reduces in flamation.
  • Sleep make you more alert.
  • Sleep helps the body to make repairs.
  • Sleep helps you to lose weight.
  • Sleep keeps your heart healthy.
  • Sleep reduces the risk of depression.

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