Both parents have equal responsibility in raising a child

Raising a child is a major responsibility of parents. Both should have to pay individually their role in this responsibility. Both parents pay very important role to raise their child or children. Father can give his child the touch of braveness and teach him to defend himself against anyone who could hurt him or try to injure him. For playing out comparable situations in the house with his child would apparently raise the child’s mechanism of consider any trouble he could be involved in the future and enhance his self confidence and sense of responsibility. Father always give affection to his child and full fill all the requirement of his child.

Mother can give her son or daughter a sense of tenderness to keep the children lean when they deal with people. If child has done some thing wrong in home then mother teaches her child the good manners. A mother can develop a habit for her child to take bath early in the morning and before sleep as well.  Mother teaches her child that how to remain neat and clean through out the day. Mother also teaches her child that keep every thing on place. Mother always take care of her child diet and meals.

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