Bermuda Triangle Mystery


The Bermuda Triangle is a nearly 1.2 million km2 area of ocean roughly defined by Bermuda, Puerto Rico and the southern most tip of Florida. This area is noted for high incidence of unexplained losses of ships, aircraft's, airplane's and small boats. This triangle is also known as Devil's Triangle and Devil's Sea.

There is a common belief that a number of ships and airplanes have disappeared under highly unusual circumstances in the region called Bermuda Triangle. Over thousand's lives lost since 1945.

"Many of the alleged mysteries have proven not so mysterious or unusual upon close examination, with inaccuracies and misinformation about the cases often circulating and recirculating over the decades.

The triangle is an arbitrary shape, crudely marking out a corridor of the Atlantic, stretching northward from the West Indies, along the North American seaboard, as far as the Carolina's. In the Age of Sail, ships returning to Europe from parts south would sail north to the Carolina's, then turn east for Europe, taking advantage of the prevailing wind direction across the North Atlantic. Even with the development of steam and internal-combustion engines, a great deal more shipping traffic was (and still is) found nearer the US coastline than towards the empty center of the Atlantic. The Triangle also loosely conforms with the course of the Gulf Stream as it leaves the West Indies, and has always been an area of volatile weather. The combination of distinctly heavy maritime traffic and tempestuous weather meant that a certain, also distinctly large, number of vessels would flounder in storms.

Given the historical limitations of communications technology, most of those ships that sank without survivors would disappear without a trace. The advent of wireless communications, radar, and satellite navigation meant that the unexplained disappearances largely ceased at some point in the 20th Century. The occasional vessel still sinks, but rarely without a trace. It should be noted that both the concept and the name of the Bermuda Triangle date only to the 1960s, and were the products of an American journalist.

Other areas often purported to possess unusual characteristics are the Devil's Sea, located near Japan, and the Marys burgh Vortex or the Great Lakes Triangle, located in eastern Lake Ontario."                 

                                                                                       Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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