Siblings Fighting

Fighting Between Siblings

One of the common issues in home’s that siblings constantly fight and argue with each others.  One minute they are best buds and the next they are screaming at each other.  Some siblings jealous from each other and view each other as rivals, they may have difficulty getting along as in adult age. Adult sibling rivalry is a matter in many families. Rivalry among siblings does not always end in childhood. When parents compare their kids to each other or to any other child then they become rivals. When parents don’t treat them same while intervene then they start jealous of each other and fight with each other. When parents give responsibility to their older child for the younger ones, then older child starts thinking then He/She is superior in house and others start jealous.

In some cases, when parents don’t give attention to their children then their children start fighting with each other. When parents don’t have option to provide separate rooms to their individual child and that’s why children share a room then they used to fight all time. When sibling shares clothes and shoes etc, then they also used to fight for these matters. Some time’s siblings start fighting while they are playing each other. Siblings who don’t have basic negotiation patience and problem solving skills, they used to fight each other and start hate each other and start saying “I hate her”, “I hate him”.

Responsibilities of Parents to Prevent Siblings Fighting.

It’s a major responsibility of parents to prevent the causes of fighting among their children, solve the problems of their children; don’t compare their children with each other, give attention to their children before they fight, teach their children problem solving skills and methods, always be polite with children, don’t make one of their child superior, treat every child in same way, teach them how to restrain anger, create an atmosphere of appreciation in home, don’t harsh on child who started the fight, teach them unity lessons and give them equal love and affection.

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